The Characters

Jasmin, Jon and Mom

The Characters in the EverybodysFamilyTM series



Jasmin is a primary school-aged girl, who is energetic and direct.  In the book My Dad Died: Reflections of a Child©, she is the child who reports and informs about how a person might feel after they lose a close family member.  

In My Dad Died©Jasmin manages to explain in simple terms that feelings are sometimes overwhelmingly sad, but that there are ways to cope.  Jasmin enjoys reading and writing and drawing pictures.  She also talks to her close family members about some very difficult issues.  

Jasmin is a brave child.  She explores some feelings that are difficult to admit to anyone, like being jealous of friends who have dads that are alive.  She is learning to appreciate her family and friends in new ways and learning the importance of play and physical activity in relation to emotional well-being.



Jon is Jasmin's big brother.  He is a middle school-aged boy who is trying to figure out growing up.  He loves sports and reading, and he tries to be a good big brother, a good son, and a good friend.  He is a deep thinker, but maintains a playful exterior.



Mom is a single parent since the death of Jasmin and Jon's dad.  She is sometimes very sad, but tries to find ways of alleviating her sadness.  She takes care of herself, Jasmin, and Jon in addition to working inside and outside of the home.  She learns everyday from Jasmin and Jon.