About Us

Lea Gorgulu Webb created EverybodysFamilyTM with the help of the artist Meral Tolunay and Dr. Joanna Chambers.  These three women are each mothers and professionals.

Lea lives between the United States, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.  She is an attorney who has worked with victims of trauma for decades.  She decided to begin crafting Everybodys Family™, because she wanted to help more children learn how to find words to describe events and feelings.  As an attorney, Lea saw many victims of abuses struggle to describe horrific events.  She concluded that learning to talk about challenging subjects takes time because people need experience finding both the courage to speak about taboo subjects and the words that express details of complex thoughts and emotions.  She plans for EverybodysFamily™ to enable many important conversations.

Meral is a self-taught artist who lives in Turkey, but works around the world in graphic design.  She is a mother, graphic designer, painter, and illustrator.  She never stops looking for new artistic and intellectual challenges.  Meral's art is influenced by and infused with formal art, movies, and music, as well as the colors and textures of the worlds around her.

Dr. Joanna Chambers is a mother, psychiatrist and professor in the United States.  Her passion lies in education in Psychiatry. She thrives on being part of ever-evolving systems and studying the brain and mind. She educates, studies and gives back to the community by sharing what has been learned and how we can all keep learning.