Welcome to the EverybodysFamily™ website!

EverybodysFamily™ is a tool for empowering children (and the grown ups they care about) to communicate about some of life's most challenging issues.  It is our sincere hope that parents, teachers, relatives and friends will read the books and begin listening more patiently to children and providing children with new vocabulary and methods of communication (such as drawing, acting, and playing).  Creativity is crucial for effective communication of traumatic memories, and troubling thoughts and emotions.

Everybody'sFamily exists because expressing pain is an important step toward individual (and community) healing, but finding the words is often an insurmountable task.

The speakers in the EverybodysFamily™ series are children who use simple words to discuss big, complicated, and even scary matters.  The same children go on to discuss ways to communicate without words, which is what we do with our closest friends and relatives, isn't it?

EverybodysFamily™ is here to give children (and their grown ups) knowledge that they are not alone, and they need never be ashamed of who they are.  

The characters of our books can offer a sort of friendship to the reader, full of acceptance, trust and support.  The children of EverybodysFamily™ have experienced life events that not everyone has experienced.  They've learned that the trials of life are experienced by more people than one suspects, and they help the reader see possibilities for understanding, support and friendship in the surrounding community of real people.

Welcome to EverybodysFamily™.  We look forward to sharing and growing with you.